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Outreach Activities,
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MONET's Outreach Kit Program

Share informal science discovery through engaging activities!


MONET's Outreach Kit Program brings the excitement of scientific research to informal learning environments, camps, homeschooling, and adult education. Experience the wonders of polymers, materials science, and more through hands-on activities and interactive resources.

Engaging, Accessible, & Impactful

Engaging Content

Our kits connect science to art or sports to increase its relevance in students' lives, identities, & communities.

Accessible Format

Kits can be adapted to a wide variety of audiences, mediums, and locales. Our editable templates make for easy customization.

Impactful Outcomes

Feedback and assessment strategies have been integrated into the development of each kit to support our facilitators in evaluating their impact. 

Available Outreach Kits

Each kit contains editable resources, a guided activity, materials for conducting the activity, and a mechanism for assessment and feedback.

Outreach Kit Request Form

Ready to impact science education in your community?

  • Fill out the request form for a MONET Outreach Kit at no cost.

  • Share this information with a colleague and help us broaden participation in STEM education.

Together, we can make science education more meaningful, accessible, and engaging for all. Request a MONET Outreach Kit

Thank you for completing this form! A MONET-representative will respond to your request shortly.

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