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MONET's URE Program

As a center, MONET hosts a Distributed Undergraduate Research Experiences (or URE) Program wherein students can participate in collaborative research projects across its affiliated institutions, departments, and labs.

  • Enrolled in an accredited Bachelor's Degree Program.

  • Domestic and International students are encouraged to apply.


Applications to participate in MONET's 2024 URE Program were due February 15, 2024. 

We will open applications for 2025 on December 1, 2024. 


What projects are available?
Click here for a complete listing of this year's participating institutions, labs, mentors, and projects.

Note: Projects are designed to occur over the summer. Start and end dates are negotiable.
Where can I apply?

We will open applications for 2025 on December 1, 2024. 

What's required to apply?

  • The basics - your contact information, university, major, GPA, transcripts (unofficial transcripts are accepted).

  • Prior experiences in research and teaching (none are required to participate). 

  • A 2,000-character personal statement (specifics provided in the application).

Letters of recommendation are not required to apply.

How will applications be evaluated?
​Our objective is to broaden participation in polymer chemistry research for undergraduate students. Students who would otherwise be denied these opportunities due to status, nationality, or systemic norms will be given priority. As such, the Investigators will receive a version of your application that does not include your name, institution, GPA, transcripts, or other identifying details. They will choose applicants to interview based on their major, projects of interest, and personal statement. 
Tip: Ensure the first few lines of your statement are attention-grabbing! 


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