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Slime, Polymers & The Future of Polymer Education - February 16, 2021

Updated: Apr 4

Tuesday, February 16th, Dr. Darryl Boyd of the US Naval Research Laboratory will present in the Johnson Group Seminar Series, supported by MONET.

This seminar is open to all.

Attendees need to register here:

In 1907, the 1st synthetic polymer, Bakelite, was invented by Leo Baekeland. Since that time, synthetic polymers have become ubiquitous in the daily lives of billions of people around the globe due to their wide-ranging properties and utility.

In recent years, polymers' environmental and biological dangers have been increasingly made known to both the scientific community and the general public. Despite the awareness of these dangers, the common slime demonstration has remained a staple for those seeking to introduce polymers in educational settings.

In this talk, Dr. Boyd will discuss the current state of environmental polymer contamination and propose alternative ways to introduce polymers into STEM education.

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